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*Evonne & Alicia, 陪你等天亮
*Riu En, 白色羽毛
*依稀, 愛香味

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Beatrice Hsu Wei Lun

~*~Favo Stars~*~

[TW]*Gino Cai *Joyce Zhao *Eddie Pang *Joe Chen *Mike Hee *Ariel Lin *Tony Sun *Esther Liu *Sam Wang *Angela Zhang

[HK]*Raymond Lam *Michelle Yip *Tavia Yeung *Bosco Wong *Leila Tong *Selina Li *Shirley Yeung *Kevin Cheng *Sharon Chan

[SG]*Riu En *Jeanettw Aw *Elvin Ng *Joanne Peh *Vincent Ng *Felicia Chin * Adam Chan *Dawn Yeoh

[JP]*Chiaki Kiriyami *Tatsuya Fujiwara *Kou Shibasaki *Dean *Sosuku Takaoke *Aya Ueto *Shun Oguri

[KO]*Junjin Kim *Jeon Ji Hyun *Jang Na Ra

[CH]*Hu Ge *Crystal Liu *Fan Bing Bin *Eva Huang *Huang Yao Ming *Hu Ke

The Peak [SG][21]2/7/2007

The cast is great!! but the story was disapointed en boring!! About marine &  maritime industry, drilling platforms en ships etc. Not very interesting! for me then

The lead is taking by Christopher Lee [Boyfriend of Fann Wong] as Fang Hong An aka Iceman. I havent watch many series of him [i think only this one and Through It All[2006] His charachter is cool and very boring! but a good guy!

Second lead is Qi Yu Wu as 'the womanizer' Sky Chen Tianjun. First time i saw him onscreen was in The Champion [2005]. He's so funny in here with Zhenya! when he's wooing her. LOL. but i hate him a little bit on the end of the serie! SO stupid against Xiaoyang!

Female lead is 'newcomer' Dawn Yeoh as Cai Zhenya. As 21 year old gurl she really doing well onscreen. Her thirth serie already and 2 of them were main charachter! She's cute, young & her acting is good so i think we will hear many of her of the coming years! She was funny in here maybe a lil bit annoying, but every scene of her is not boring!

Second Female lead is Jeanette Aw as Zhong Xiaoyang. One of my favo star of Singapore. First time i saw her onscreen was also in The Champion [2005]. And she did a great job in there! In this serie i think she was a lil bit annnoying. Because her relationship troubles with Sky & Zhihang. But she the choice for the good one

Thirth lead is taken by Hottie Elvin Ng as Cai Zhihang. The brother of Zhenya. I really like him when i watch Love @ 0 Degrees [2006] He's so handsome! This is my second serie of him the thirth one ic coming! [can't wait]. He's my favo charachter in here. althought he didn't really have many scenes i think. He look so dumb but oh so cute!!


left to right:

-groups pic

-Zhihang, Xiaoyang, Zhenya & Sky

-Zhihang & Xiaoyang


The Peak


Mediacorp Television

Singapore 2007

21 episode [45min]



*Christopher Lee - Fang Hong An / Iceman

*Qi Yu Wu - Sky Chen Tianjun

*Dawn Yeoh - Cai Zhenya

*Jeanette Aw - Zhomg Xiaoyang / Xiao Chu

*Elvin Ng - Cai Zhihang

*Ben Yeo - Lu Ka / Lucas

*Ann Kok - Xiuping

*Ling Meijiao - Ling Ling

*Huang Wen Yonh - Ti Tou

*Eelyn Kok - Lin Shuanghiu / Angelique



Casting: *****

-Chris ***

-Qi Yu Wu ****

-Dawn ****

-Jeanettw ***

-Elvin ***


Story: ***



Theme: 并肩的方向 by Jeff Wang

Sub: 想听的话 by Chew Sin Huey & Jeff Wang


Favo Charachter: Zhenya & Zhihang

Favo Couple: Zhihang & Xiaoyang

Hate: Xiuping


left to right: above                                    under

-Ling Ling, Zhihang & Zhenya                   -Xiaoyang & her father

-Zhihang & Xiaoyang                                -Xiaoyang

-Lucas                                                    -Zhihang

-Zhenya                                                  -Zhihang & Xiaoyang

-Xiuping                                                 -Zhenya & Sky


Favo Scene:

-When Zhihang ask Xiaoyang to married him!

-The times when Sky wooing Zhenya



pics credits: mediacorp tv




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Theme & Subs [HK/TW/SG/CN]28/6/2007



All Links uploaded by Moi!

so don't post somewhere else!



Let me share some music with all! Only from series or movies from HK, Taiwan, Singapore & China!!

All songs are Full Version :)



* A Change Of Destiny Theme: 天數 By Steven Ma & Joel Chan

* Ten Brothers Theme: 共同進退 By Frankie Lam & Kenix Kwok

* Au Revoir Shanghai Theme By Bosco Wong [Bad Version]

* Devil's Disciples Theme: By Kevin Cheng & Bosco Wong [Bad Version]

* Life Art Theme: 活得寫意 By Kevin Cheng

* The Family Link Theme: 半邊天 By Miriam Yeung

* Heart Of Greed Theme: 講不出聲 By Suzanne Kwan

* Heart Of Greed Sub: 心領 By Raymond Lam & Linda Chung



* Making Miracles Theme: 天使 By Mayday

* Making Miracles Sub: 背叛 By Gary Cao

* The Shining Star Theme: 触摸 By Kelvin Tan



* New Shanghai Bond Sub: 就算没有明天 By Betty Sun Li & Huang Yao Ming

* The Warriors Of The Yang Clan OST: 告诉他我爱她 By Hu Ge



* Angel Lover OST: 怕黑 By Bianca Bai

* A Game About Love Sub: 愛不在 By Melody Yin

* Devil Beside You OST: 曖昧 By Rainie Yang & Mike Hee

* My MVP Lover OST: Waiting... By Boa

* My MVP Lover Theme: 無所謂 By 5566

* My MVP Lover Sub:  我難過 By 5566


update more later .....






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My MVP Lover [TW][30]15/6/2007

This is the first serie of 5566 [except ex 5566 Rio Peng]. And i think they doing a great job on screen! The shining star of them is Tony Sun who's taking the male lead. For his 1.73 cm he's maybe too short for basketball but it doesn't matter. He's so charming as Liu Hua aka Tai Zhi aka William. Just go for it and do it! He's so nice to Xiao Xi in this serie. Serious who don't want him as boyfriend what he all do for you LOL. But i like his role in Mr Fighting[2005/TW] more. I think he suit more with Esther Liu than Angela Zhang. The other 5566 members only have a 'small' role. It's not really small. You can see them the whole serie but not so big as Tony! Jason Hsu [here in only 17] & Zax Wang playing in Tony's Team & Sam Wang plays in the 'enemy' team. There was no apart story of them. Only with the team. Most with the Team. But so emotional! But I Like Zax more in Mr Fighting [2005/TW] here he looks so gay , not so man in Mr Fighting and Like Sam more in Prince Turned Into Frog [2006/TW] more nicer

183 Club's member Johnny Yan taking the second male lead. The most shining star of the whole serie when he's playing basketbal. As a ex-basketbal player he is really GREAT!! so cool when he's playing basketball! I only watch him in The Champion[2005/SG]. He was there not so cool as swimming teacher. And not so man! So i like him more in here. But i don't like his charachter. He's nice but he really don't know what he want. But its not only his own fault but...i don't know.

Also first serie of singer Angela Zhang taking the first female lead. I think Angela don't suit for this role. This role is too childish for Angela. Or i know Angela from the last years and not 2002. So it could be my mistake! But so different from her role in Bump Off Lover[2006/TW [The must watch serie!!]. Her character is so sweet, cute, nice etc. And so sweet for Chen Feng. She really have moments that makes me cry.

ex-basketball player David Chen playing the rival of Chen Fong. Iceman! He's the thirth male leader. But his scenes are mostly with the team or his lil sister. He don't have his own 'love story' [Ok i know its about basketball but Tony & Johnny also plays basketbal and they have a love story]. I really hate his charachter. I know he's nice to her little sister but it don't have to end up like that. And his acting have too improved more. But his basketball skills are great!

Second female leader Margeret Lin plays very good as Angel. But also hate her!! She was the one who actually 'broke up' Chen Feng & Xiao Xi. And brother Iceman help her a little bit. And Xiao Xi too and Cheng Feng... too diffecult!!

7 Flower member Joe Chen [Qiao En] is playing Barbie a rich girl who loves PINK! haha...everything must be pink!. He grow up with William and fall in love with him when they were young. But everything changes when she coming back to Taiwan. Her role is very small. She appear in episode 20 [soooo late] But i really like her charachter! Actually you can learn many from her. What she said to Tony etc. if you have a problem like him. But Qiao En don't have any small roles anymore! Only Main Charachter!! and she really deserved it! because She' GREAT!

Her co-star is Goa Tian Qi. Donno who he is but he's *SUAI*. He was chosen from 20 candidates to plays this role and i think they find the right guy! *Suai* & so cool!! I love him with Barbie. Too bad their story was not so much. Only see 3-4 scenes their really together. And after this serie i haven't see him onscreen again. HMMM


My MVP Lover
MVP 情人
Taiwan 2002
30 Episodes [1-24 = 35 min][25-30 = 70 min] Weird

Tony Sun - Liu Hua / Tai Zhi / William
Johnny Yan - Duan Chen Fung / Johnny
Angela Zhang - Tian Yu Xi / Xiao Xi
David Chen - Iceman / Ming An
Margeret Lin - Angel / Ming Juan
Joe Chen - Fang Yi Rue / Barbie
Gao Tian Qi- Goa Xing
Li Xing Guan - Dong Qi Shen
Jason Hsu - Xia Zhi Yuan / DJ
Zax Wang - Kang Yong / Xa Xou
Lu Jian Yu - Hai Xong
Sam Wang - Shao Wei
Rio Peng - Shao Do
Yan Yun Zhi - Din Ki
Ke Se Yuan - Johnson

Guest: Ambrose Hsu



Story: ****

Casting: ****

-Tony [4]

-Johnny [5]

-Angela [3]

-David [3]

-Margeret [4]

-Joe [4]

-Gao Tian Qi [4]



Themesong 無所謂 By 5566

Subsong 我難過 By 5566

OST Waiting By Boa  [This song really suit this serie!]

OST Break Go By Da Dump


Favo Charachter: William / Barbie /Goa Xing

Favo Couple: Barbie & Goa Xing / Xiao Xi & William or Chen Fung :s

Dislike: Angel , Iceman & William's Mother



Favo Scene:

-All Basketball Matches [Qi Shuai!]

-When Barbie 'save' Goa Xing. When he 'broke' his leg. And she helps her. SO SWEET!

-Actually All Barbie & Goa Xing scenes

-When Xiao Xi broke up with Chen Fung. When she get into the bus and he get out the bus

[cant think now lol]



pics: wikipedia & d-addicts

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The Slicing Of The Demon [HK][20]11/6/2007


I finished The Slicing of the Demon couple of days ago.

The serie is quite interesting. Its different than other ancient series. Not so much fighting. The cast is ok. Bernice stealing the show. She's so beauty in ancient clothes! maybe better than modern clothes! Angela doing a great job. Her first 'big role'! as second female leader! Her gypsy clothes really suit her! Sunny Chan always so funny & dump dump! haha so in here! Maybe someone else could play Michael Tse's charachter. I don't know but i think that Michael don't suit ancient series! maybe i haven't see him an ancient serie before [haven't watch Virtues Of Harmony & Best Bet and maybe others series but can't think now :S] and maybe he can better play 'Tien Man' :). But he did really a great job! Charmaine Li, other favo of this serie, did a great job too! she really improved!! maybe she can do better but for a 'newbie' she's very good already!


TVB  Production

Hong Kong 2007

20 Episodes




Sunny Chan - Do 4 Hoi

Michael Tse - Seu Yu Chan / Kong Sing Yan

Bernice Liu - Fok Sin Yee

Angela Tong - Poen Yuet

Elliot Yeo - Fok Tin Ming / Fok Su Kan

Kwok Fung - Kong Yuk Su

Charmaine Li - Fok Sin Kee / Hak Yee Mui


Benz Hiu, Suet Lee, Savio Tsang, Ellesmere Choi, Sherming Yiu, Lily Leung



Casting: ****

-Bernice ***

-Charmaine ****

-Michael *****

-Sunny ***

-Angela ****


Story: *** 1/2

The trick of Seu Yu Chan was so perfect & mean!! but in the end ......


Themesong: ****

Love the theme by Bernice. [someone got full version??]


Favo couple:

-4 Hoi & Sin Yee


Favo  Character:

- Sin Yee, Sin Kee & Poen Yuet

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Eddie Peng & Esther Liu Wallpaper [TW]30/5/2007

Made a wallpaper of one of my favorite on-screen couple of Taiwan : Esther Liu & Eddie Peng

[Chinese Paladine][2004][Ah Nu & Tang Yu]

[Liao Zhai 2][2007][WAITING FOR THIS SERIE][Fen Die & Yang Ri Dan]

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Selena Li [HK]29/5/2007

Selena Li is a contestant from Toronto from Miss HK 2003. Everyone shocked when she didn't reach the top 5 after winning Miss Talent & Miss Photogenic awards. Before she enter Miss HK she was attending the Univeristy Of Toronto studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Now she is a actress of TVB. Her first serie is The Last Breakthrought. A small role as nurse. The second serie is The Herbalist's Manual where she got the second female lead next to Michelle Yip. In 4 years she haven't one Main Charachter, only second or small roles. But it will change! She was selected by Virginia Lok as one of the potential 'Fa Dans' of the Future next to Tracy Yip, Leanne Li, Vivien Yeo etc.

[Not sure but donno whos taking the lead in Survivors Law 2, Ella Or Selena?? i think Ella actually ]


Rumours she dating with Patrick Tang




English Name:S elena Li

Chinese Name: 李詩韻
D.O.B: 12 February 1981

Birthplace: Hong Kong
Height: 165 cm

Weight: 44 kg
Chinese Zodiac: Rooster
Horoscope: Aquarius
Hobbies: Playing piano and Guzheng, skiing & snowboarding, outdoor sports
Specialtly: Paying piano, dancing and communicating with people in English
Most Unforgettable Experience: Getting into University of Toronto for commerce
Ambition: To become a successful businesswoman
Favorite Sport: Skiing
Childhood Dream: To become a doctor
Favorite Food: Any desserts, particularly Creme Brulee
Dislikes: Cough medicine




*The Last Breakthrough [2005][Shirley]

*The Herbalist's Manual [2005][Ng Mo Yung]

*Just Love [2005][Leung Xin Xin]

*Real Kung Fu [2005]

*A Life Made Simple [2005] [Joanne]

*Face To Fate [2006][Yim Ye Loi]

*To Grow With Love [2006][Kwok Bo Lok]

*AChange Of Destiny [2007][Sum Yi]

*The Master Of Tai Chi [2007]

*The Most Beautiful 7th Day [2007]

*On The First Beat [2007]

*Survivors Law 2 [2007]


Co Stars [Male]

*Frankie Lam [The Herbalist's Manual]

*Patrick Tang [Just Love]

*Yuen Biao [Real Kung Fu]

*Raymond Lam [Face To Fate]

*Jack Wu [To Grow With Love]

*Matthew Ko [To Grow With Love]

*Benny Chan [A Change Of Destiny]




*Miss HK 2003: Miss Talent

*Miss HK 2003: Miss Photogenice

*Nomination TVB most improved actress 2006


credits: wikipedia, d-addicts, asiafanatics

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Leila Tong Wallpaper [HK]28/5/2007


I was bored, so i made a wallpaper of Leila

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Joanne Peh [SG]26/5/2007

Joanne Peh was 18 when she participated in 2002 Miss Singapore-Universe. She was one of the finalist and won 2 awards: Miss Personality Award & Miss Elegant Award. After this her life changed! She become a actress of Mediacorp television. In the same year she made her debut onscreen in the serie, Beautifull Connections. In 2004 she won @ Star Awards 2004 the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist & Most Popular Newcomer. After co-operated with many Big stars like Fann Wong, Christopher Li, Chen Han Wei etc. She got her first main role in 2005 in the serie Destiny starring Michelle Chia, Tay Ping Hiu & Hawick Lau. She's now one of the favorite of Singapore.




English Name: Joanne Peh

Chinese Name: 白薇秀 [Bai Wei Xiu]

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 50

Spoken Languages: English, Manderins




*Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing [2007]

*The Greatest Love At All [2007][Wenxin]

*Making Miracles [2007][Li Xiaoman]

*Happily Ever After [2007][Weaving Maiden, Wang Tianqin]

*mini-serie Yours Always [2006][Qiao Shan]

*Destiny [2005][Yao Siqi]

*A Life Of Hope [2005][Fei Fei]

*Crime Hunters [2004]

*I Love My Home [2004]

*To Mum With Love [2004]

*The Ties That Bind [2004]

*mini-serie Romance [2003]

*Beautiful Connections [2002]



[2003]                     [2004]



*Best Bet [2004][Huin Min]


Co Stars [Male] :

*Hawick Lau [Destiny]

*Roy Qiu [Yours Always]

*Pierre Png [Yours Always]

*Elvin Ng [Happily Ever After]

*John Chiang [Making Miracles]

*Shaun Chen [Making Miracles]



* Miss Personality Award & Miss Elegant Award [2002]

* Most Popular Newcomer, Star Awards 2004

* Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Star Awards 2004

* Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Star Awards 2005

* Nomination Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist, Star Awards 2006


credits: wikipedia, d-addicts

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Making Miracles [SG][20]26/5/2007
Making Miracles:
Pictures: Mediacorp Television
Text add by Moi
I Finished this serie yesterday! So good. Some moments are very strong and very sad
Joanne Peh steals the show as Li Xiao Man! First time i watch her on-screen! But that will change in the future! Her co-operation with John Chiang was very good! Ezann Lee did did really a great job as the intellectually-disabled Xiao Ai! Donno if i watch her on screen before or i dont know here before but she's really good! Fann Wong did a great job as doctor again after the serie Always on my Mind. As one the Big Sista of  Mediacorp i really dont have any negative comment :). Darren Lim first Main charachter?? Actually i really don't know who this guy is but watching back Through It All i know he was the bad guy in there. I like him here more than in Through It All. He was so romantic against Fann. So boyfriend i want too ;) .

Mediacorp Television
Singapore 2007
20 Episodes [45 min]

Fann Wong - Liu Shuyan
Darren Lim - Gao Zhengbang
Terence Cao - Wen Jieren
Joanne Peh - Li Xiao Man
John Chiang - Chen Guanlin
Constance Song - Zhou Xiwen
Zheng Geping - Zheng Yifan
Vivian Lai - Xu Xiuyang
Carole Lin - Yang Zhihua
Lynn Poh - Zhilin
Shaun Chen - Kelvin
Ezann Lee - Du Xiao Ai

Casting: *****

-Joanne *****

-Ezann *****

-Fann ****

-Darren ****

-Terence ***

-John ****

-Constance ****

Story: *****

Perfect!! Better than HH :p??

Themesong: ****

By Mayday

Favo Character: Li Xiaoman, Zheng Yifan, Liu Shuyan
Favo Couple: Li Xiaoman & Chen Guanlin [??] Liu Shuyan & Gao Zhengbang
Hate: Zhou Xiwen, Zhilin


credits: mediacorp

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