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Making Miracles [SG][20]26/5/2007
Making Miracles:
Pictures: Mediacorp Television
Text add by Moi
I Finished this serie yesterday! So good. Some moments are very strong and very sad
Joanne Peh steals the show as Li Xiao Man! First time i watch her on-screen! But that will change in the future! Her co-operation with John Chiang was very good! Ezann Lee did did really a great job as the intellectually-disabled Xiao Ai! Donno if i watch her on screen before or i dont know here before but she's really good! Fann Wong did a great job as doctor again after the serie Always on my Mind. As one the Big Sista of  Mediacorp i really dont have any negative comment :). Darren Lim first Main charachter?? Actually i really don't know who this guy is but watching back Through It All i know he was the bad guy in there. I like him here more than in Through It All. He was so romantic against Fann. So boyfriend i want too ;) .

Mediacorp Television
Singapore 2007
20 Episodes [45 min]

Fann Wong - Liu Shuyan
Darren Lim - Gao Zhengbang
Terence Cao - Wen Jieren
Joanne Peh - Li Xiao Man
John Chiang - Chen Guanlin
Constance Song - Zhou Xiwen
Zheng Geping - Zheng Yifan
Vivian Lai - Xu Xiuyang
Carole Lin - Yang Zhihua
Lynn Poh - Zhilin
Shaun Chen - Kelvin
Ezann Lee - Du Xiao Ai

Casting: *****

-Joanne *****

-Ezann *****

-Fann ****

-Darren ****

-Terence ***

-John ****

-Constance ****

Story: *****

Perfect!! Better than HH :p??

Themesong: ****

By Mayday

Favo Character: Li Xiaoman, Zheng Yifan, Liu Shuyan
Favo Couple: Li Xiaoman & Chen Guanlin [??] Liu Shuyan & Gao Zhengbang
Hate: Zhou Xiwen, Zhilin


credits: mediacorp

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