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Joanne Peh [SG]26/5/2007

Joanne Peh was 18 when she participated in 2002 Miss Singapore-Universe. She was one of the finalist and won 2 awards: Miss Personality Award & Miss Elegant Award. After this her life changed! She become a actress of Mediacorp television. In the same year she made her debut onscreen in the serie, Beautifull Connections. In 2004 she won @ Star Awards 2004 the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist & Most Popular Newcomer. After co-operated with many Big stars like Fann Wong, Christopher Li, Chen Han Wei etc. She got her first main role in 2005 in the serie Destiny starring Michelle Chia, Tay Ping Hiu & Hawick Lau. She's now one of the favorite of Singapore.




English Name: Joanne Peh

Chinese Name: 白薇秀 [Bai Wei Xiu]

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 50

Spoken Languages: English, Manderins




*Bao Bei Fu Nu Bing [2007]

*The Greatest Love At All [2007][Wenxin]

*Making Miracles [2007][Li Xiaoman]

*Happily Ever After [2007][Weaving Maiden, Wang Tianqin]

*mini-serie Yours Always [2006][Qiao Shan]

*Destiny [2005][Yao Siqi]

*A Life Of Hope [2005][Fei Fei]

*Crime Hunters [2004]

*I Love My Home [2004]

*To Mum With Love [2004]

*The Ties That Bind [2004]

*mini-serie Romance [2003]

*Beautiful Connections [2002]



[2003]                     [2004]



*Best Bet [2004][Huin Min]


Co Stars [Male] :

*Hawick Lau [Destiny]

*Roy Qiu [Yours Always]

*Pierre Png [Yours Always]

*Elvin Ng [Happily Ever After]

*John Chiang [Making Miracles]

*Shaun Chen [Making Miracles]



* Miss Personality Award & Miss Elegant Award [2002]

* Most Popular Newcomer, Star Awards 2004

* Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Star Awards 2004

* Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Star Awards 2005

* Nomination Top 10 Most Popular Female Artist, Star Awards 2006


credits: wikipedia, d-addicts

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whaha.. echt weer iets voor jou.. JIJ SERIE FREAK O.o
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