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The Peak [SG][21]2/7/2007

The cast is great!! but the story was disapointed en boring!! About marine &  maritime industry, drilling platforms en ships etc. Not very interesting! for me then

The lead is taking by Christopher Lee [Boyfriend of Fann Wong] as Fang Hong An aka Iceman. I havent watch many series of him [i think only this one and Through It All[2006] His charachter is cool and very boring! but a good guy!

Second lead is Qi Yu Wu as 'the womanizer' Sky Chen Tianjun. First time i saw him onscreen was in The Champion [2005]. He's so funny in here with Zhenya! when he's wooing her. LOL. but i hate him a little bit on the end of the serie! SO stupid against Xiaoyang!

Female lead is 'newcomer' Dawn Yeoh as Cai Zhenya. As 21 year old gurl she really doing well onscreen. Her thirth serie already and 2 of them were main charachter! She's cute, young & her acting is good so i think we will hear many of her of the coming years! She was funny in here maybe a lil bit annoying, but every scene of her is not boring!

Second Female lead is Jeanette Aw as Zhong Xiaoyang. One of my favo star of Singapore. First time i saw her onscreen was also in The Champion [2005]. And she did a great job in there! In this serie i think she was a lil bit annnoying. Because her relationship troubles with Sky & Zhihang. But she the choice for the good one

Thirth lead is taken by Hottie Elvin Ng as Cai Zhihang. The brother of Zhenya. I really like him when i watch Love @ 0 Degrees [2006] He's so handsome! This is my second serie of him the thirth one ic coming! [can't wait]. He's my favo charachter in here. althought he didn't really have many scenes i think. He look so dumb but oh so cute!!


left to right:

-groups pic

-Zhihang, Xiaoyang, Zhenya & Sky

-Zhihang & Xiaoyang


The Peak


Mediacorp Television

Singapore 2007

21 episode [45min]



*Christopher Lee - Fang Hong An / Iceman

*Qi Yu Wu - Sky Chen Tianjun

*Dawn Yeoh - Cai Zhenya

*Jeanette Aw - Zhomg Xiaoyang / Xiao Chu

*Elvin Ng - Cai Zhihang

*Ben Yeo - Lu Ka / Lucas

*Ann Kok - Xiuping

*Ling Meijiao - Ling Ling

*Huang Wen Yonh - Ti Tou

*Eelyn Kok - Lin Shuanghiu / Angelique



Casting: *****

-Chris ***

-Qi Yu Wu ****

-Dawn ****

-Jeanettw ***

-Elvin ***


Story: ***



Theme: 并肩的方向 by Jeff Wang

Sub: 想听的话 by Chew Sin Huey & Jeff Wang


Favo Charachter: Zhenya & Zhihang

Favo Couple: Zhihang & Xiaoyang

Hate: Xiuping


left to right: above                                    under

-Ling Ling, Zhihang & Zhenya                   -Xiaoyang & her father

-Zhihang & Xiaoyang                                -Xiaoyang

-Lucas                                                    -Zhihang

-Zhenya                                                  -Zhihang & Xiaoyang

-Xiuping                                                 -Zhenya & Sky


Favo Scene:

-When Zhihang ask Xiaoyang to married him!

-The times when Sky wooing Zhenya



pics credits: mediacorp tv




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